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Leighann Miko, CFP®

Leighann Miko, CFP®


  1. She’s a Los Angeles native, born and raised.

  2. Road trips are her jam. Her longest was a 12 day, 3,000 mile trip from Los Angeles to Vancouver, BC and back.

  3. As a kid, she was a "background actor" on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman for two seasons.

  4. Finances aren't the only thing she plans. She throws a mean party!

  5. She lives just outside of Downtown Los Angeles with her Partner, Christy, their pup, Frankie and cat, Queso.

Leighann Miko, CFP®

Everyone wishes they had more money. Everyone. But Leighann Miko is more practical than that. She plans for money. To her, a plan and a wish take the same amount of effort. So, when it comes to the cold, hard fact of life that is one’s finances, Leighann is a woman with a plan. And her plan is to help you with yours.  

After growing up in a household that faced financial uncertainty, Leighann formed her first plan:  She was going to go to college and create for herself a more secure life. That’s when she made her first budgets in order to make that plan happen. Her course work focused on business.

While still in college, Leighann worked for a boutique Register Investment Advisor. It was a job that lead to a calling. She could help people as she had learned to help herself. From there, her world became centered on all aspects of this work, from compliance to portfolio management.

As Leighann’s career developed, she became aware of another certainty: change. And it was happening all around her. She recognized that our country has seen dynamic shifts in demographics over the last several decades. These changes have then required inclusion of diversity. This brought Leighann new focus with her attention landing on ensuring equality and fair consideration for non-traditional and same-sex couple families.  Her aim is to help this growing, unique, and diverse community of which she is a member.  

Degrees and Accolades

Leighann was an honoree in the InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 Class of 2017, an elite group of young professionals who represent the industry's future based on their accomplishments, leadership and contributions. She has been recognized as a leader in the profession in the Journal of Financial Planning with the Leadership in Action Award. She is also a recipient of the Financial Planning Association’s Diversity Scholarship for her commitment to promoting a financial planning environment that embraces diversity for both consumers and professionals.

Leighann earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Financial Services, from California State University, Northridge. Her certificate in Personal Financial Planning was earned at UCLA to complete the education coursework requirement for CFP® certification. And in her never ending pursuit of knowledge, she completed a Master of Science degree in Taxation at Cal State Northridge.


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