Financial Planning & Investment Management

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Financially, everyone’s needs are singular. We’re all dealing with a different past and facing our own uncertain futures. There is no one-size-fits-all way to success however you measure it, be it with money, independence, or happiness. So, in an ever-changing world, we offer this much certainty: Everyone can have a plan. Everyone can be treated fairly. And no one has to do it alone. Together, we can get organized.


Financial Planning


Contrary to popular belief, investment planning is not synonymous with financial planning. Investments are but a single aspect of your overall financial picture and shouldn’t be the sole focus of a plan.

Financial planning is a process that can be as comprehensive or narrowly focused as necessary, but it is important to note that it is an ongoing process, not a one-time transaction. It is about efficiently deploying your resources by managing spending, optimizing savings, minimizing taxes, protecting family, and growing assets for the future. This process begins with the discovery phase which entails gathering personal and financial information, evaluating where you currently stand, establishing your goals and dreams, and developing a strategy to help you achieve them.

Based on the information provided throughout the discovery phase, we will draw a personal financial roadmap for you. If at some point you are forced to make a left when the map says to take a right, don’t panic. We can reevaluate where you are at that moment and discuss any additional changes that need to be made in order to keep you on track.


Common Planning Objectives



education funding

tax planning


insurance needs


purchasing a home

employee benefits

cash flow & budgeting



How Will you get there?

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Investment Management


It’s not always about who had the highest returns, you or your neighbor. It’s really about who deployed their resources most efficiently to reach financial freedom. 

We provide personalized investment plans that can better position you to reach your long-term objectives. We also establish a relationship with you that goes beyond just investments and results in a more valuable financial life-planning approach.

The most important step in creating your investment plan is for us to understand your current situation and help you to decide what you want to accomplish with your portfolio. Together we will determine your goals, how much time you have, and how you feel about taking on risk. After implementing your personalized investment plan, we will meet with you regularly to review and assess your investments to ensure that your allocations are still appropriate.

Our Strategy

We typically use a core satellite approach, which provides flexibility to blend different styles of investing and different market exposures to best suit your risk profile. We can combine passive investments, such as traditional index funds, with active investments to form diversified and dynamic portfolios. The core forms the foundation of the investment strategy, around which the more specialized satellite investments are added. 


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